Make a difference


Because Gakuto Club is a 501 C 3 non-profit, we rely on the generosity of our private and corporate partners to execute our mission. 

Your donation makes a very meaningful impact, allowing Gakuto Club to serve the community and provide a high quality STEM education experience to the future workers of American manufacturing community.

Other ways to make a difference

Are you interested in robotics and STEM? Do you enjoy working with state-of-the-art industrial training equipment and want to be a part of the “Factory of the Future”? Look no further than the Gakuto Club in Wheeling, IL!

The Gakuto Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities for young individuals in grades 9-12 who are passionate about robotics. Located at 311 Egidi Dr., the club is fully equipped with the latest technology and has an actual “Factory of the Future” on the premises. It is a founding member of the GennFlex Industrial Robotics Competition and has a successful track record of developing young minds into successful leaders in the field.

Now, the Gakuto Club is seeking volunteers to help run their operations and programs. They are looking for experts in robotics, CNC machining, metal fabrication, welding, accounting, and marketing. These volunteers will be crucial to the success of the club, as they will help train and guide the next generation of robotics enthusiasts. Volunteering at the Gakuto Club is a great way to give back to the community and help shape the future of STEM education. Not only will you be helping young individuals develop important skills and knowledge, but you will also be working with cutting-edge technology and industry leaders.

So, if you have a passion for robotics and STEM and want to make a difference in the lives of young people, consider volunteering at the Gakuto Club. Contact them today to learn more about how you can get involved and help shape the future of the field.