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Gakuto Club’s vision would not have been possible without the help of remarkable companies. Precision Zone Inc., GennFlex Inc., Yaskawa America, and Knuth Machine Tools came together to help fund Gakuto Club and provide them with state-of-the-art training systems.

Precision Zone Inc., a robotics integrator, industrial automation repair center, and distributor of industrial electronics, was instrumental in donating GennFlex Automation labs. The labs are equipped with cutting-edge industrial electronics, including programmable logic controllers, sensors, motors, and other components, which will provide students with hands-on training in automation and control.

GennFlex Inc., the OEM of STEM training systems, provided Gakuto Club with curriculum, training, and personnel support. Their expertise in designing and delivering STEM training systems has helped Gakuto Club create a dynamic and engaging curriculum for students.

Yaskawa America, a leading manufacturer of industrial robots, motion control, and drives, assisted Gakuto Club in establishing a “Factory of the Future” at 311 Egidi Drive. The factory is equipped with Yaskawa’s most advanced robots and motion control systems, allowing students to learn about robotics and automation in a real-world setting.

Knuth Machine Tools, a renowned manufacturer of machine tools and accessories, supported Gakuto Club by donating their latest equipment. The equipment includes CNC machines, lathes, mills, and other tools, which will enable students to learn and experiment with metalworking and machining.

The collaboration between these companies has had a significant impact on Gakuto Club’s mission. Their support has helped Gakuto Club equip their facility with some of the most advanced training systems, providing students with opportunities that they might not have otherwise had. The local Wheeling government and Chamber of Commerce have also been instrumental in this effort.

As Gakuto Club continues to grow, new sponsors and partners contribute to its mission. Thank you to all our current and future sponsors and partners.