Introduction To Robot Programming with Yaskawa Standard Pendant

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This course introduces robot programming using the Yaskawa YRC1000micro controller and Standard Pendant. No prior knowledge of robot programming or the YRC1000micro controller is required.

The Introduction To Robot Programming course comprises classroom lectures, demonstrations, discussions, and hands-on labs. Covered topics are related to real-world examples and applications. To create an interactive and enhanced learning environment, we strive to maintain a 2-to-1 student-to-robot ratio.

Course modules embed relevant chapters from the Introduction To Robot Programming manual. In addition, students will have access to a downloadable PDF copy of the complete course manual. The manual details instructions and programming techniques for the Yaskawa YRC1000micro controller. Additional handouts relate to specific topics covered in the class. Students are urged to take notes, participate in discussions, and bring up specific programming issues.

This course has received NIMS accreditation.

Primary Topics

  • Robot Safety
  • System power up/down
  • Coordinate systems
  • Motion-type path programming
  • Control, Arithmetic, and I/O instructions
  • Job editing
  • Positioning accuracy tags
  • Speed adjustment
  • Job functions

Completing this course will help you:

  • Follow the basic safety guidelines for operating a robot
  • Perform a robotic system power up and power down
  • Understand the coordinate systems used in robot programming
  • Program basic paths
  • Program Control, Arithmetic, and I/O instructions
  • Create, edit, and delete Jobs
  • Read and follow positioning accuracy tags
  • Perform robot speed adjustments
  • Perform basic job functions

Who is the course for?

We invite all STEM and robotics enthusiasts to take this course. As long as you have the command of school-level algebra, and know the basic concepts of programming, you will be fine in this program. No need to have previous experience with robots, robot controllers, and related software.

Course Videos

A Sneak Peek at the Learning Path

Following a quick introduction and the course overview, we will take our first look at the Yaskawa YRC1000micro robot controller, and the Standard Pendant. Start up and shut down procedures. Emergency stop sequence.  Jogging Basics and Coordinate systems introduction. 

2 hours to complete

After a quick Lesson 1 Quiz, we will take an in-depth look at Alarms, Errors, Home Position, and Job Creation steps.

2 hours to complete

Another quiz to cover the new knowledge we gained in lesson 2. Then we learn the Path Creation procedures. This lesson includes our first practical assignment – the Drawing Lab where you will put your new skills to the test. Do you think you can draw a heart with the help of a robot? 

2 hours to complete

We are taking it from where we left the Drawing Lab in the previous class. This entire session is going to be very hands-on: by learning to make circular and spline moves we finally are able to complete the drawing. Great job! 

2 hours to complete

It is time for another quiz – this time covering our entire first day of the study. Then we go full speed into more advanced path, job, and speed editing, confirmation, and playback. 

2 hours to complete

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This instructor-led course is based on the Yaskawa YRC1000micro controller and Smart Pendant. No prior knowledge of robot programming or the YRC1000micro controller is required.


Level: Introductory | Length: 32 hours | Price Per Seat: $1,800
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