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Gakuto Open House For Kids: Family edition

Gakuto Open House For Kids: Family edition

This was a day of exploring, trying many new things, learning and having fun!

Last Friday was a day filled with excitement, learning, and endless possibilities as we hosted our Robotics Open House. From the moment our doors swung open, the air buzzed with anticipation. Parents and their eager little ones flooded in, ready to dive into the world of robotics and innovation. 

Exploring Safety and Beyond: The day kicked off with a crucial lesson in safety. With goggles firmly in place and ears protected, our young explorers were ready to embark on their journey. We stressed the importance of safety first, ensuring that every child felt empowered to engage fully in the hands-on activities ahead. 

Dancing Robots and Hands-On Fun: What’s a robotics open house without some dancing robots? Laughter filled the room as our young participants marveled at the sight of robots gliding and grooving to their commands. But the fun didn’t stop there. Our open house was an exploratory extravaganza, with children trying on gear, feeling like true engineers in the making. 

Sparks of Inspiration: A highlight of the day was undoubtedly our interaction with welders. Sparks flew as our curious minds delved into the world of welding, gaining insight into this essential aspect of robotics. Trying on the gear, feeling the weight of responsibility, and witnessing firsthand the precision of laser welding left an indelible mark on our budding engineers. 

Crafting Dreams with 3D Printing: The magic of 3D printing came to life as our young participants watched in awe as creations materialized before their eyes. From simple shapes to intricate designs, the possibilities seemed endless. With each layer laid down, dreams took shape, igniting imaginations and sparking creativity. 

Building Connections and Memories: Beyond the robots and the gear, our open house was about building connections and making memories. New friendships were forged as children collaborated, explored, and learned together. The laughter, the shared discoveries, and the sense of camaraderie created an atmosphere of joy and excitement that lingered long after the day had ended. 

As we reflect on our Robotics Open House, we are filled with gratitude for all who joined us on this journey of discovery. Together, we laughed, we learned, and we ignited sparks of inspiration that will continue to shine brightly in the days ahead. Here’s to many more adventures in robotics and automation! 

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